Day 3 – Batu Caves and Genting Highland

Today we were to go to the famous Batu Caves and Genting Highlands. As per schedule we left for visiting the Batu caves which has a temple of Lord Karthikeya. Pramila detailed us with the history of how the place was built by an Indian. Today it’s a major tourist attraction. It’s an astonishing revelation that Malaysia has more than 24000 Hindu temples and it’s not only visited by Indians but by Malay people as well to praise the forms of almighty. That shows the Unity in Diversity of people residing there.

There are around 270 steps to climb. However we were not tired after the climb. The temples above were really well maintained. The top was wet with the constant drops from the waterfall. The priests above gave us Aarti. Skirts are not allowed so those wearing skirts had to rent scarfs to wrap around their waist.

We came down had tea at a small restaurent named Rani. The Indian tea was worth relishing which we never did back at hotel we were staying at. The restaurent owner had wrapped a chair and stored neatly above. On close inspection we read a placard placed next to the chair stating super star Rajnikant sat on this chair while he visited the place for shooting of his film. We also bought key chain soveniers from this place which were pretty reasonable in price.

Next we sat on bus to visit Genting Islands. On our way, Karl briefed us on the history of how this place was built by a man named Lim Gautam (a chinese). The Genting Islands is more or less a hill station which remains chilly throughtout the year. The ropeway to Genting is a 12 minute ride which is the worlds longest cable car ride.

In the Cable car
View from the cable car

The Mall

The journey to Genting was superb. The lush green jungles, the panormic view was marvellous. When we got off the ropeway the chilling air touched us sending shivers down our spine. The mall was humungus. So many shops, an indoor theme park, an outdoor theme park (was inoperational).

We spent time roaming around the mall, window shopping and observing the marvellous structure. It was so huge that its normal for anybody to get lost. There was also a light show which was scheduled every half n hour. I managed to see all the shows during our visit. Every show had a different theme.

Departed from there at 4 and came to a mall with festive sale going on all brands. We didn’t buy anything though. Post the mall we departed to the diner place. We were in mood for shawrma wrap which we had on our first day there. We asked another couple if they would like to join us but they denied stating we have to wake up early the next day for our next destination i.e. Singapore. Nevertheless it didn’t hamper our plan and we had the yummy wrap.

Retired for the day after completing our packing for next phase of our trip. We will definitely be visiting KL again since 3 days was too short a period for exploring this beautiful, disciplined and amazing country.


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