Review – Love and Marriage in Mumbai by Elizabeth Flock

Title: Love and Marriage in Mumbai

Author: Elizabeth Flock

Length: 314 pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Genre: Non-fiction, Drama

My rating: 4/5


The book is based on lives of 3 couples Maya & Veer; Sabeena & Shahzad; Ashok & Parvati residing in Mumbai, India’s Financial Capital.

My Take:

I was delighted to receive this book as a part of my Brunchbookchallenge hamper this year. The title is very intriguing. As I too reside in Mumbai, a city that never sleeps or doesn’t have time to peep in other people’s lives, this book came my way giving me an insight on how all of us live.

The book is beautifully divided into 3 parts with stories of each of the couple’s narrated. Their story starts with a brief on their childhood, their upbringing and how they met their spouse n resided here leading an everyday life like millions of us. The book has backdrops of various important incidents that happened during the period and how it impacted the lives of the couple.

The basic crux of each story is that challenges are there in everybody’s lives, resolving the same solemnly vests with you and move ahead in live. The challenges are of different nature, different intensity but struggle is an integral part of everything.

Though the title states Mumbai, there is little of Mumbai in the backdrop which could have been any other city. This was something that let me off. Since the book is a work of non-fiction, the characters are those whom you’ll encounter in your day to day life.

The book also manages to touch on some of the sensitive topics viz, Child Abuse, inter-caste marriage, childless etc. in a brilliant manner. These topics are not openly discussed in India and considered as a taboo.

Overall a nice book giving insight into the life of 3 normal couples and the issues they have.


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