The Guide – R K Narayan

I got this book along with The Dark Room. Both penned by the great R K Narayan. Though I didn’t like The Dark Room much but I have different review for this book.

This book around 250 odd pages are definitely a great read. Before picking this book I had no idea that Dev Anand’s classic movie “Guide” is based on this very novel. This is the second instance after The Life of Pi where I’ve seen the movie and read the novel later.

Book moves very quickly and the description provided does get you to imagine the exact scene going on. Here I won’t hide the fact that I could see Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman reciting the dialogues in my mind while reading. Movie is a brilliant adaptation of the book.

The journey of Raju from a small boy to a railway shopkeeper to Railway Raju and then to Manager of Rosie to finally a Swami is depicted wonderfully. Movie didn’t showcase many aspects the book has covered which makes the book interesting.

Overall a great read which I thoroughly enjoyed.


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