After the Funeral – Agatha Christie

This is the first time I laid my hand on Agatha Christie’s 1953 Classic Hercules Poirat series book. I must admit that I really couldn’t guess who the murderer was. In some books one can guess it but here one simply cannot which is the best part as disclosure of the murderer brings a complete surprise element. Absolutely brilliant I admit.

All the characters in the book are very interesting and certain mysteries attached to everybody making everybody vulnerable to being the murderer. Even the main character of Hercules Poirat is extremely adorable with the way he handles things. A very observant and sharp person who quickly grasps the things and gets the truth revealed.

The story moves at a rapid rate making it a very interesting read. If the series may be adapted to a serial or a movie undoubtedly it would be the superhit. As a kid I used to love Byomkesh Bakshi series and this book reminded me of just that.

A great read I would say who loves crime mysteries.


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